Playing the game may have just gotten easier..


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Microsoft VirtualPC is now free

What it means for fellow wingnuts is that you now have the ability to have a working copy of Windows 95/98 running within your latest XP box without a reboot. (You'll still need the source media and license for said OS but that's easy enough)

This may present an alternative venue to get those old Windows games working...


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The classic versions of these games, that is.

Put your computer to work, as another computer. Virtualization Software just went to the battlefront.

Microsoft's Virtual PC w/ SP1 just hit the website, for FREE.

VMWare also released the official non-beta "1.0" version of the Virtual Server softare - again, FREE.

I'll be working on setting up a few VirtualPC's tonight, running various OS's - and I'll probably dig out my old 486 for some slave labor (anything that I still have working media for, DOS 5, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, and more)... and I'll try and work out some how-to's and see if I can get my older WC Games running through Virtualization. I've still got a CD of WCII Deluxe Edition waiting for some lovin'.



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Merged the two threads together here.

This sounds like a great thing to try out, but it doesn't sound to me like it's easier than running DOSBox (plus you need a copy of the original OS). I'm anxious to see what the results are anyhow.


I have some games from the win95/98 days that don't work too well even with XP's compatibility mode set, plus I'm a nerd :) , so I'm going to try this out


In my experience, running games in VirtualPC is easy to set up, but I had too many sound problems (loaded DOS 6.22). If it had better Sound Blaster emulation, might be the way to go.

Although I must admit that the last time I tried it was a year or so ago. (From our MS Subscription CD's)