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Long Live the Confederation!
I got a kitten a few days ago, who I've named Chloe. Here's her picture. As you can she, she's half good and half evil.

We've got three other cats here, although one of them is pretty sick. There's a pug dog, three (well, two point five) parakeets, a mouse and six fish too... my sister really likes animals.
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Damn all of you. *Shakes fist* I've been trying to get a cat forever. But! I just moved, and found a friend who has a cat they have to give away-so I'm probably gonna get one soon.

Until that time, I will hate and curse and despise you....just because you all have great pets and I don't. :D

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!


Pugs are cute in a... sad sort of way.

I have two cats, Cali and Mo. We used to have one named Ziggy, but he was evil.


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That is so awesome Bandit Loaf you lucky ... damn! I really really want a PUG not really because of MIB, but because of the way they look, I think they look so awesome and the fact that they are a small dog is a PLUS! :)

I used to have an iguana and a bearded dragon. Now I just have family pets, Three Siamese cats and a german sheperd and a old english sheep dog.
So those things are called Pugs... One of them sat in my lap once. Afterwards, my sweater smelled. Ick. :) Cats are nicer, though. My neighbours have this really hyperactive and hypercurious youngster (well, she absolutely HAS to be everywhere at the same time, hunting whatever kind of insect in sight). When I was out mowing the lawn (what little there is), she eventually sprang out of the bushes and almost attacked the lawnmower. She thought better of it quickly and stopped on a dime. Sweet little thing. Too bad my dad's allergic to 'em...


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My cat just learned to use the litter box I think. We've been keeping it in one small room lately because it turned it out had some sort of cat lice, a nasty infection and cat leukemia. I think it's bored.. is there anything it might like to do all day? I heard cats like to watch tv.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
It might be depressed from being stuck in a room -- kittens like to run around. Every kitten I've ever had has *loved* playing with feathers... and paper grocery bags, cats love grocery bags. I've only ever had one cat that liked watching TV (she liked the 'news scroll' on CNN and during storm warnings)... but all my cats love watching things they could possibly eat. They'll stare at the bird cage, the fish tank or the bird feeder outside for hours...


In my experience, cats like paper bags (they crawl inside, and will bat at anything, or anyone, who brushes the edge of the bag), long strings with interesting items tied to the end (feathers, bells, etc...), and flashlights.
Seriously. They'll try and catch the spot where the light shines.
My current cat also happens to like the water tap. If she sees it on, she'll come over and start batting the water coming out.


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Originally posted by Mekt-Hakkikt

I don't like cats particulary, so I never asked me that question ;)
But I bet I'd name it "Khasra"...
Eheh why not "Hobbes" or "Prince Thrakhath"?.. :p