Perry Scene - Wallpaper

John Cordell

Today many PC video games feature some kind of wallpaper to pin onto your desktop. Privateer never had an official wallpaper but there was nice box cover artwork! We use that for our website's head as well as for the CD covers we provide for download. The original source was only available in 640x480, so we took the same models, threw them together and created a high-definition widescreen variant of the scene! It is available as a wallpaper package for various resolutions.


Get it here:


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now we need a 2100x reso ;) But thats unreasonable right? :) No artworks of privateer in that resolutions..
This one looks great. The original Privateer did sort of have official wallpaper images that were included with Origin FX. They were roughly 640x480, which would have been wallpaper sized at the time.
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At last! a truly worthy wallpaper for my 30" dell. I've been wanting something like this for ages. Thanks guys! You've made my day.