Origin Soundtrack #1

Hi all,

I recently discovered www.wcnews.com and I am widely into WC again since then and I really miss Origin and their great games like Ultima and WC...

And now I am looking for this super-rare Origin Soundtrack CD #1 from 1991.
I already have downloaded the two Wing Commander tracks from wcnews.com and since I own the other two Audio CDs by Origin, I would love to have the first one as well, even though it was in mp3 only.

Anyone here having it and willing to share it with me? Since it is long out of press and noone would loose any money, I doubt sharing the mp3s would be a violation of copyrights, would it?

Anyway, if anyone can help me or wants to sell his copy, please contact me at

best all,
It was an excellent update for Hals origin. I really enjoy it and have yet to hear a bad word about it.