Old PC memories


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I remeber my first PC that I ever owned, It was 8 years ago and the specs were as follows:

Pentium 133
20 megs of Ram
Monte Carlo sound card
Trident video card (can't remember specifics with it)
CD drive
700 megs of Hard drive space
Back in the days before I discoverd anything like videos or MP3s that was alot of space for WC games and Nesticle and 50 or so roms.

Does anyone else have fond memories and remember the specs of their first PCs?
All this excitement over SWC made me think back to the old times.


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let's see

anno '93 (hell, is it realy that long ago? )
486 / 33Mhz
16MB RAM (or was that still 8? )
24MB HD (also not sure)
Soundblaster 8
5 1/4" Disk
3 1/2" Disk
15" Monitor

and the fist game was X-Wing, followed by ... well... guess what ;-)


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I dont remember the specifics of my first computer, but it was a 286, with no Windows, only DOS. We had 3 or 4 games like Space Invaders, Centipede, and something called MS School, which we used for...school work. At the time I was 8, so it was 11 years ago, and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.


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Where's the C64 crowd when you need them?

C64: bought CPU 1984 (B/W TV as screen, datasette tape drive), bought floppy drive (1802) in 1986 and real monitor in 1987. My brother wrote his diploma paper on it, I did exam papers and BASIC assignments on it, developed part of a submarine sim together with a friend (never got finished, but the depth charge effect was cool).

Worked with XT/AT machines in college, concentrated on other stuff for a while (let your imagination run wild), and finally bought a 486 DX33 in 1992 - the baddest machine by then by all standards, 107 MB HDD, 16 MB RAM, 2 MB VGA card, Sound Blaster Pro, 15" screen - cool stuff. The thing lasted 2 days, then the board burned out, and the shop needed 3 weeks to replace it. Heaven knows why I didn't became a carpenter after that...


a 286 with no sound, runned in DOS. Does anyone remember 'Norton Commander'? I'm not shure if I got that name right... so long ago.
Anyway, my dad had surprised all of us with it on Xmas morning. My mon turned it into a "why was I not consulted" argument. And as the two of them screamed at eatch other in the background, I just happily stared, misty eyed, at the awsome machine that had finally graced our home with endless hours of fun. -dysfunctional families are the best ;)


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First family computer was an Apple ][e somewhere back in the early/mid-80s, tricked out with, at the time, the best stuff. Dual floppies, 256K RAM, 300 baud modem, the works. Played the original Silent Service on that for ages.

First computer that I owned myself was in 1994, a 486SX/25 w/ 4 MB, 256KB on-board video, Windows sound card, 1x CD-ROM and 107MB drive. Not knowing better at the time, it was a Tandy, with all sorts of proprietary crap (including a CD interface that would only work with Tandy 2x drives, which were like double what a PC clone standard 2x drive cost), and an obnoxiously bloated Tandy-custom Win 3.1 installation that took up like 40MB (remember that 107MB HD?). Fortunately I got better shortly thereafter. :)


PC Jr.
256 KB of RAM
Shared Memory CGA Adpater
Single Floppy Drive
Dual Cartrige Drive
PC-DOS 1.0

I was convinced it was the best computer ever, and no one could tell me different. I remember playing Tink Tonk, Tinka Tonk, Iceman (a Q-Bert clone), some sort of shoot-em-up on a grid, Win Lose or Draw, and other fun games. I didn't learn to program until my family had a PC XT, though.


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1st computer at home:
386 sx 25mhz, 4mb ram, 127mb HD, one 3 1/2 floppy and one 5 1/4. no soundboard, the devil knows what video card it had. had dos 5.0, win 3.1 and wing commander 1 on it :)

my very own 1st computer:
Pentium 233mmx, 64mb ram, 6gb hd, an old soundblaster, some generic cirrus video until I got me a Voodoo 3 2000 pci.


Commodore PC-10 with two floppy drives - Forgot most other specs. :( - Was only 5 when we got it (1988) ^^
Then my father bought 5x or 6x 486/386 PCs in 1993 or so...

But if you only want to know MY first PC: Hmm. Difficult to tell, cause all PCs I got where family-PCs at one point or the other. But the first PC I used most of the time was a Pentium MMX 166Mhz, 2GB HDD, ??MB RAM and with Voodoo1 :)
Got in touch with Wing Commander (first III from a friend, then bought Prophecy) with that PC ;)


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At school we used Apple IIe's a lot until they upcraded to macs. but at home our first pc (we had a n intellivision and then a NES) was a 386sx 16MHz with 2mb ram, 40mb hard drive, an adlib soundcard win3.0 dos5 14"monitor and two floppy drives 5 1/4 and 3.5. Eventually we added 4 more megs of ram, a full 1mb video card, a 100mb HD, a CDrom (single speed tray type) soundblaster 16.

I actually got wc3 and 4 to run on this beast using windows virtual memory settings. It took forever, was choppy as hell, and was pretty much unplayable, but I wanted to prove it could be done. Now that I think about it, it was pretty much a wast of time. WC2 ran really good on this machine though (although everytime you died it seemed the load times got longer, very long)

The first time I played space quest 4 after getting the Sound Blaster I almost fell out of my chair. I had played it so many times before and I wasnt expecting to hear vohaul speak when you load up the terminal near the end in sqXII on xenon.
(I didn't have wc2 loaded at the time, but that was really great when I finaly realized that even without the speech pack there was speech in the intro)


I don't really remember which computer was the first I used, since we had (and still have) loads of 286's 386's and 486's (and you just CAN'T remember when you're that young). However, I do remember which computer was the one I really got hooked on. It was a 486 DX-100 (which I still have hooked up under my desk here... under my modern computer. I don't have to worry as much about tinkering with XP this way) I was lucky, I got it as soon as they started making them... my dad worked in the computer area at the local navy base. :D Ultima-VI and Wing commander 2 were my favorites, but I also played a lot of space invaders, space quest and kings quest. It seems the best games came from origin... and I would like to raise a new question. how many of you still use your old computers?

Ahh, good ol' DOS!
Indeed... DOS... :) I learned to read and program(Q-basic) early. gotta love the index of commands!
First PC owned: Tandy 386SX-25, 85MB HD, 2MB RAM, 3.5" floppy, DOS 5.0, Win 3.1, a great WC machine back in the day. It was even better after I added a soundcard, speakers, and a gamecard for joystick action. It wound up as my mother's computer when I bought my first Pentium. One day, a couple of years ago, I was feeling nostalgic and went to get my old 386. My step-father had tossed it :mad: .


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1987 Compaq 386 DeskPro
- 8 MB of Ram
- Windows 3.1
- SoundBlaster Pro
- Adlib Stereo Card
- 15' VGA Monitor


I remember the first computer I used, mid eighties Mac! All biult into ione case, one button mouse and monocrome monitore 13in I think. Then later 8086 monocrome green, no HDD two 5.25 low density floppies. ACK! My first computer was a 286 clone w/ 40mb HDD ega display internal speaker. Played alot of Falcon AT back in those days. Then I met Wing Commander and it was all about upgrades from then on.