Old jet game from 94/95?


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Anyone remember this old fighter jet game, which you easily crash in early start of the game? And some cartoon of scientists in it...
Strike Commander?


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I think the problem is you need more details, there are a lot of flying games in that era.

Was it a real jet, or fictional jets? Set on Earth or space or some other planet? was it a flight simulator primary or was it some campaign game where flight is an aspect, etc?
Was it a PC game or console?
One of the Jet Fighter games? Not remembering any cartoon intros.
One of the Janes games?
What do you mean by sim aspects?
I don't know many of the console games of the period other than the Ace Combat and Air Combat titles.
Definitely not Jane's, and not any of the Ace Combat titles... If the game is lost or forgotten, maybe the game is really lost and abandoned?
We definitely need more info:
What planes do you fly?
What do you mean by cartoons?
What do you mean by crash easily at the start of the game?
Not sure which planes, but modern ones... Some cutscenes or weird screams if you crash during take-off...
If the game is lost or forgotten, maybe the game is really lost and abandoned?
If it was something you bought commercially and played in the '90s, it's not lost. It may be slightly obscure, but as others have said, there's tons of games from that era and many are lesser known, but exist (just look at how much we're talking about "obscure" Wing Commander games of the '90s).
The intro to Strike Commander CD ROM version, the one that includes the expansion pack, features Russian migs I believe. I think Strike Commander may be the game you seek