Ok I'm back, order of business


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First off i passed cisco

Failed my online final exam with a 65.2 and passed the course with a 94.7 - for Cisco 4 Wan Technologies

Cisco 3 i made a overall grade of 83

now that i'm done with college till next fall(gotta build up my cash again)

its time to get back to business

first things first, tolwyn I liked the layout but sorry, I dont know SSL, dont have time to learn how to use it, so i'm getting rid of it, going with a standard tabular system that I know all to well.

second order of business, back to modding, I have the venture ingame -problem because i'm not using Maya 3.0, nor Adobe Photoshop, I'm having to apply what they want done in Maya to the software I'm using and convert to the results that they like.

downside, my little method/program isn't right and therefore sucks (ingame ship is distorted and corrupted)

but hey, its a step foreward none the less.

Thats all i have to say for now.
SSL? What the hell are you talking about? I have used standard layers to create the website. If you have any problems, then ask and not start screaming "I do not have time to learn it". Get yourself a Dreamweaver and you will see that it is easy
told ya before bud, I have Dreamweaver, I just dont have time to sit down and open my fricken book to learn how to use SSL

and i also told you before that it was a issue with me and adding news posts because of the SSL

i've been trying to add a news posting script, and it has yet to work, so for now I'll keep up the SSL

you know what tolwyn, you gave me a bit of inspiration with that sarcastic remark.

i can get caught up on my webpage design knowledge also while i'm off this next semester :)

heh thanks for being a @$$, or should i say thanks for showing me i was being such a jack@$$