Now Hear This... Again

songbird cso

I've announced this over at Space Sim Central so I don't want to repeat everything I've written before. Feel free to head over to Space Sim Central's Forum and read the Freelancer section, "Privateer: The Reckoning v4.65 & beyond".

In short, I've been working with the "Privateer: The Reckoning v 4.65" and working at finishing the mod. Here is the current version history... I began with ver 4.65 and I'm at 4.70c. Some of the info in the history is editorial (things I'm working on and considering):

Freelancer - Privateer: the Reckoning
2669.126: (End of Privateer Part 1)2671
Changelog build ver_4.70c

New in 4.07c:
-Stars/Nebula changed for Oxford, Shangra-La, and Saxtogue to a more *realistic* render of space. Er, the joke being that the FL engine and system design is realistic in the first place:)
-Izanami Corp. spelled correctly.
-changed names of train/transport to Drayman 1 & 2

-Shangra La
-Stars changed in system
-Move system around a bit, giving more distance between objects.
-Asteroids changed
-Nebula changed
-Removed asteroids (none noted in Privateer Playtester's Guide)
-added planetary nebula - accretion disk
-Changed asteroids and system backdrop.
-Tilt to Herrell


-Solar Arch ini edited to a) make docking rings around planets invisible, and b) remove the open & close sounds. Both regular and destructable edited in this manner.
-Solar Arch ini edited to make docking fixture invisible.
-Rename "Docking Ring(s)" as "Spaceport Landing Control" or some such, maybe, "Automatic Landing Zone" as in orig.
-Throughout Gemini: all systems empty save jump holes, add "special" in form of either encounter or new base. "Special" in these systems will be done in the spirit of the original Privateer's "hidden action sphere" as illustrated in the Privateer Playtesters' Guide. This will be an effort to populate the star systems throughout Gemini. May eventually do the same in "populated" systems as well. It should be noted that the original Privateers began this particular feature in several of the systems. I'm simply, well, finishing the work!

-Stars/Nebula changed for Oxford, Shangra-La, and Saxtogue to a more *realistic* render of space. Er, the joke being that the FL engine and system design is realistic in the first place:)

-Shangra La

- Kronecker mine changed in Regallis.
- Saratove mine in Prospect changed.
- Abyss Mine 15 in Crab-12 system changed.
- Valkyrie Mine in Valhalla changed.
- Hector Mine and Achilles Mine in Troy changed.
- Rygannon Mine in Rygannon changed.
- Romulus Mine in Castor changed.
- Macabee Mine in Nexus changed.
- Vishnu Mine in Rikel changed.
- Charon Mine in Hyades changed.
- Lisacc Mine in Lisacc changed.

- Rebuilt from scratch.
- Removed Munchen as World, replaced with station(s) in a low-density cloud for harvesting.
- Added Gas Giant (Herrell) with orbital harvesters. Created traffic between harvesters and Munchen.
- Note: Cloud and Gas Giant are nods to an Origin Programmer:)
-Added System traffic.
-Herrell axis tilt done.
-Rework trade markets.

- Removed debris field.
- Edited Perry Naval Base. Still needs work.

System reported to be a CTD site. Testing for crashes...

-Edited Basra Planetside.

-All jumpholes leading to Tingerhoff renamed Tingerhoff.
-Izanami Corperation spelled correctly.

I have not generated new ship or base models. If anyone wants to add these and work on this project with me, please speak-up:) I'd love to see both models of the Drayman running around Gemini!

I'm working on this TC mod for me, no-one else, other than those of you who end-up downloading the mod and enjoying it for it's own sake. I'm doing this work FOR FUN and with what little time I have tucked away after work and family. If folk want to offer suggestions or requests please consider lending a hand and donating some time to this as well, after all, I'm not a programmer and have never attempting modding on such a large scale as the Privateer's Gemini Sector. I've made small additions to games here and there, but never anything like this. There is a grand assortment of modding tools for Freelancer, so, we don't have to be genius programmers. If you're willing to spend a few hours here and there and work with the tutorials that many an awesome modder and mod-tool creator have provided, you too can manage great works. Everthing noted in the above version history has been done over the last month, and that includes the time spent in-game making sure it all works!

Finally, to any of the original Privateers (Warzog and Bob stand-out among many others) out there, THANK-YOU for getting as far as you did with this Privateer TC. The original Privateer by Origin is by far the best way to experience the Gemini Sector, and my work is just to compliment the work by Warzog et al, and a loving tribute to the folks that worked so hard all those years ago at Origin. This is just Privateer poured into the Freelancer mold- a different way to enjoy the Gemini Sector.