no posts in the last 30 days??? outrageous!!!

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Martin Galway

Doesn't anyone appreciate the value of all this stuff??? :)

I have a bunch of Origin memorabilia. I can't remember it all, this is what comes to mind:

The oldest thing I have is a phonelist from September 17th 1990. Before Wing Commander shipped, and before I worked there (full time anyhow). I have other phonelists dating to late 1996. Other docs include a bunch of audio-related things like the music lists for most of the WC games.

I have boxed copies of Ultimas 4, 5 & 6 - Ultima 6 on FMTowns as well (the very rare, laboriously-created port that was Origin's first CDROM game); Wing Commander Kilrathi Saga; Leather Jacket badges for WCommander Academy Development Team, Wing Commander 4 Dev team and Kilrathi Saga dev team. I actually have the official WC4 development team leather jacket that was handed out to team members, and the badge separate (needs to be sewn on) Sadlky my WC3 leather jacket was stolen in 1998.

I have Strike Commander CD version in-box. Most WC games.

I have a Wing Commander 2 development team shirt!!! NEVER WORN because frankly it is one ugly MF. I also have an ORIGINAL "v-neck" ORIGIN T-SHIRT with the original logo. Also never worn. I have about 5 Ultima V t-shirts (they made too many of them!!!) I have 3 Strike Commander shirts, several Wing Commander 1 caps, a Tiger's Claw cap from the movie, a Privateer shirt, an Origin/Microprose bag from the 80's when Microprose were distributing Origin's stuff in Europe. It goes ON and ON and ON. Some of the t-shirts are nicely worn in though - once Paul Steed started designing them, I started wearing them!!! I also have an official WC4 black+orange bomber jacket (never worn 'cos it is kinda plastiky & gaudy) - in great condition. I also have another "Wing Commander" bomber jacket which is eerily similar to the WC4 one (this one is concerned with the movie though). Orange/Black, kinda plasticky+gaudy, and in excellent condition, still has a label tag hanging off it.

I also took plenty of photos between 1991 and 1996, so you can take a gander at those too.

Let me know if you want any of this stuff (including the clothes off my back, in the case of the Strike t-shirts) by responding to this thread. -MG

p.s. I guess if no-one responds to this, THAT is why no-one has posted for over 30 days!!!
Heya! I certainly know your name!

Joe Garrity runs the Origin Museum (he's at, so he should get first dibs on anything -- but I'd certainly love to get a shot at anything Wing-related you've got duplicates of or that he doesn't want. At the very least I'd love to get pictures of some of those team items -- I've never seen a Privateer shirt or an Academy patch.

Documents and photos would be really really interesting, though -- I've been running a project that archives just that sort of Origin material -- you can find a lot of Privateer and Prophecy-related internal documents online here: . I'd be happy to scan anything you could loan me and then return it to you.

Or even if Joe wants everything, I'd love to hear about working at Origin (especially since you seem familiar with the FM Towns -- did you work on the various WC FM Towns ports?). If you're still in Austin, I'm local -- I'm at 485-7037 or Glad to see you're still out there!

Ben Lesnick
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Martin Galway posted?? Now THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS! :)

Thanks for the post, Martin!

...and WOW! Thanks for your offer! We would most assuredly be interested in the opportunity of archiving these items! As you know, we catalog and preserve all of Origin's history, and the people who created those worlds. All of the items you mention are worth preserving, and we would love to display them in our Museum.

As LOAF said, the stories are important too--we'd love to have the opportunity to hear some of your Origin stories!

Please email us at, and we can sort out the details.

Thanks again for your kind offer, and we hope to hear from you soon!

"...Preserving Worlds..."
Joe and Paula Garrity
Curators of The Origin Museum
let me collect it all together and get back to you guys. -MG
excelente website!

oh my, i just love this site. so many nice information about ultima staff and stuffs...
and by the way, man, i love you guys collection... i really do. seriously, one of my dreams is to have a full collection of games and artifacts of ultima games like you guys have.
i love these games, but it's frustrating to me can't buy lots of them because of my age and because of the distance... here in brazil those games are not very popular, but yet, they were part of my childhood, specially ultima 6 and 7.
it's sad to know that origin is not making ultima games like they used to make.

well, my congratulations to all of you for making such a nice website ^_^
(and forgive my bad english)
Also, don't take a lack of activity in this particular forum as a lack of interest in Wing Commander collectibles. A lot of that sort of activity goes through the general forums.
That's an amazing amount of great material...I'm really curious to see some of these things and hear the stories you have to tell. Thanks for being so nice as to offer these items for preservation.

WC bomber jacket is very cool to hear about...