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British magazines have always hated Wing Commander -- no one is quite sure why. The lesson to draw from this is as follows: England is horrible.

I don't agree on that. I've got an UK PCGamer in wich they give away in a contest the flightsuit used by Mark Hamill in WC3. That flightsuit was given to them by Origin...
Like most brits I'm usually very happy to join the rest of my country in insulting the sheer stupidity of the average american (there are big exceptions obviously, not sure if any of them are on these boards :cool: ) however this magazine is a prime example of how bad our video game coverage is over here. I mean hell there are actually people living here with an X-box and only an X-box and by that I mean Halo and only Halo (well Splinter Cell too if they had some sense).
Its a disgrace, it makes me want to move, but atleast I can say one thing to defend us, we raised and educated Chris Roberts, so we must have done something right :)
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I wouldn't say stupid... just stubborn. ;) [Hey, I'm kidding, okay!]

Both perhaps? :)
Or I could just be jealous of their release dates and prices on games :p *waits for June 20th*