NEWS : Relaunch !


For this week's update, we have a lot of things to share! First off, the Wing Commander Saga team has revamped it's website. Our web page has been completely overhauled for your convenience with a more user-friendly and comprehensive layout. Stop by for a visit to check out preview trailers, information regarding the project, and thrilling new in-game screenshots!

Secondly, we also want to showcase some more of the music of Wing Commander Saga. In our opinion, the music in the original Wing Commander series played a major role in creating the essence of Wing Commander that made it so compelling. The full campaign will feature remakes of original Wing Commander songs as well as original tracks that seek to capture the same tone and feeling. An example of our efforts to emulate the WC style can be heard in the intro and outro tracks we used in the Prologue. The intro music is designed to evoke the sense of anticipation that Sandman and his fellow classmates feel upon reaching the Wellington. The outro is sober and brooding, mourning the loss of many good friends and speaking of still darker days to come. You can grab them here.

Also, is running an article on Wing Commander, and as a part of that they have included an interview about Wing Commander Saga. Head on over to hear what they had to say.

Last, but not least, we are happy to announce the release of the first fan-made mission for Saga. It was created by Mustanger, so any questions about it can be directed to him. Just download the mission and place it in the data\missions folder of your Wing Commander Saga Prologue folder. Grab the file here.

- Starman
Just to clarify Loafs news post, the "Intro" and "Outro" music was from the Prologue cutscenes and so is already in the game :)
Hey, how do you get that custom mission to work? I have a data folder, but no missions folder within it- does the prologue make a second directory somewhere (my documents, for instance) besides the main install directory?
that is strange... my folder has players, cache, and a missions folder inside it...

Did you try creating a missions folder and putting the mission inside that?
hmm... You may want to just try reinstalling it, I suppose. If that doesn't work, hopefully these guys will be able to troubleshoot it for you :)
extract the Capture-Destroyer.fs2 file into WCS\data\missions folder (create missions folder if it doesn't exist).

Then, in the tech room, select "mission simulator" (top left) and then "single missions" (bottom left). Capture destroyer mission will appear in the list.
I liked the Victory Streak elements and schematic motif of the previous site, but the new change is refreshing and it does seem a bit more functional.