New "WCX : Resurgence" chapter out!


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The last chapter, Chapter 2, came out on January 29th... of 2000. Unwilling to let it be said that it took THREE WHOLE YEARS to write a third chapter, I spent the last few months roughing up my good buddy & co-writer Brandon "Darksabre" McKown to churn out this very chapter... just 3 days shy of the 3 year deadline. :)

At any rate...

Chapter 3 : "Heaven Bleeding" continues the Steltek resurgence in the very distant year 2819, entire Fleets of the Galactic Federation being called to the front lines of the brewing confrontation. Meanwhile, a certain Ian "Hunter" St. John (recovered in deep space since the first chapter some 150 years after being lost just prior to the Battle of Terra) does a favor to a very old friend and agrees to watch over the fresh-out-of-the-Academy daughter of a certain Confed hero as she joins the flight roster on the Acheron-class omnicarrier GFS Maelstrom, one 2nd Lt. Shannon Blair.

Give it a read here (soon to be sent to the Aces list) :

- Neo:)

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Hey.... how long did it take you to make the whole thing.... all of the stories.... cause it definetly looks like you put a ton of thought into it.... ive only scrolled throught the first stories.... they were a bit too long.... but never the less spectacular work. I read the newest one.... man you guys ROCK!!! i think bringing back Hunter was an awsome move... I was really sad when he died cause i thought he was great.

Well i dont know if this will mean much coming from me.... but i think its Excellent.... the whole story line.... bravo!!