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Hey guys, I know I haven't done this in awhile but I had some extra time on my hands. so here is a new Wing Commander 4 wallpaper for ya'll. Hope you like. I have both just the logo and one with a background. If anyone remembers I always had a version with the characters in background but finding pics for 4K that don't look terrible is really tough from something that old. I think I found maybe 2 and just wasn't worth it so decided to do this if you want some color.


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Thanks for posting Chris. Yeah I know it's been awhile. Life kind of happened but I recently bought the Wing Commander games over again on GOG and kind of got it back on the mind. I'll see about getting to Prophecy in the near future.
Hi Everyone .. i have edited some spezial KS Arts ..hope you like it too


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I'd be interested to know why you put the WC3 graphic from 'Victory Streak' on the WC1 poster.

Seems an odd choice on the face of it, so I'm guessing there's a reason behind it.
Just a idea ..the War betwen the Confederation vs the Kilrathi Empire .. with the 2 logos
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