New ship and reworked ship


Bearded Person
Hi! Since my first attempt at a ship in Space Combat was lackluster, I decided not only to improve on its design, but to try my hand at another.

Here's the reworked SF-04 Javelin:




Changes between this model and the previous one are a difference in weight/mass (which helps thrust and maneuvering), a third engine (more thrust), and the addition of a torpedo tube with a small armament of torps. Also, I've changed the type of engines and thrusters used, as well as fuel. Fuel tanks are now smaller, but still don't run out before you're done speeding around space.

The new ship class is the SB-122 Nova:


It's heavier than the Javelin and the Hornet (the Hornet is a ship included with the game), but carries a very heavy loadout of torpedos. It's designated a bomber, but those torps make it pretty fierce in a ranged dogfight, too. Up close, its visible laser mount will still cut up another ship if you can get him in your crosshairs while staying out of his.

Lemme know what you think! Make your own ships, too.


Hey! That's much better than your last one. You're making good progress, I like it. The texturing looks better than anything I've ever slapped together! :) Keep at it.


Bearded Person
Well, you don't do your own texturing or anything. The game has a handful of prebuilt parts that you assemble and resize to create your ship. Mass is a major factor in how your ship handles, and your choices in engine types, fuel capacity, and engine placement have everything to do with how your ship accellerates and maneuvers.

For instance, the Javelin has only one set of maneuvering thrusters, located on the nose. This somewhat affects the actual course of your ship during maneuvers at null throttle, because there's no counter-balancing thrust at the rear of the ship. If you place your main engine below the X axis of your ship, your main thrust will cause you to turn upwards as you accellerate, making you do constant loops. Building a ship in this engine is kinda neat.

But, I didn't do any of the actual mesh modelling myself. That's already done for you. Sorry if that makes it seem crappy.


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And now, another new ship. I introduce to you the Journeyman PTS



This is not a fighter, but rather a small transport shuttle for personell. Not really big enough to carry many troops, it's more intended for small numbers of officers, or replacement personell.

On another note, are there any programmers interested in helping me modify the game to add a few details (such as the capability to script missions?) or add a few new capabilities (Such as arming more than one weapon at a time, or docking with a larger ship?). It's not exactly good for WC, but I think this game would be fun to create a wc-esque game. Anyone wanna try their hand at it?


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And now a carrier. Intoducing the Jurisdiction Class Carrier.


It handles very similar to WC capships. Slow acceleration, pretty slow turning rate. No weapons (the engine currently only supports fixed lasers and torpedo tubes). Long enough to hold several of my fighter designs on the deck at once, and a lower bay to store them. Not much else to say about it other than I borrowed from the Vesuvius design a little (long, cigar shaped thing, bay going all the way through it). Definite WC design influence. Enjoy!


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Well, I've been at it again. I've cranked out two more designs, plus modified the Javelin again.

My new Javelin now has twin lasers, and is thus now a B variant.

The next this is a recon/scout ship. The SR-98 Hummingbird.



The Hummingbird has average acceleration and handling, and only one laser to cut through asteroids when it must, and defend itself when backed into a corner. It's not intended for fighting. It has a larger 'bridge' section to allow for more detection gear.

The next design is a doozy. The "Sierra" class destroyer.


The Sierra is the biggest ship I've designed so far; it even dwarfs the Jurisdiction class carrier! It boasts two torpedo tubes (fore and aft) and a compliment of 99 torpedos (the maximum the engine will allow). In addition, it carries eight forward mounted lasers, which make short work of anything that crosses them. It's a heavy, slow ship, with lots of fuel for those long travels. It has a small flight bay up front for carrying limited numbers of fighters. The design of the ship itself borrows from the Ralatha, and can be nearly as tough to destroy. It's still taken out by a sustained bombing run from an SB-122 Nova, however.