New problem... got WC2 working, BTW.


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I get the following error everytime I try to run Privateer in DOS:

Error loading executable.

JEMM unloaded.

Any ideas? Here are my comp specs:

P233 w/ MMX
48MB of RAM
S3 video card... no 3d acceleration or anything.

Is it a lack of conventional memory? because of my system specs, I've only been able to free up 590kb of it for my games.... in other words...

What is the problem here? Thanks for your help.


Yeah, I got everything... 609 000 bytes of conventional memory free... 5 MB of XMS and EMS... mouse driver, SBPro driver, CD-ROM driver, everything.

The sound settings seem unaffected no matter what I do. If I leave them off in the installation, then it doesn't run. If I turn them on to the correct card, it doesn't run. Does it need some sort of display that I don't have? According to the summary screen before Windows starts up, I have an EGA/VGA capable display... but I'm not sure... does Privateer need an SVGA card/display? I don't have any documentation for the game...