New Paint Schemes!

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I was just wondering How will the shield effects work?

Will it be case of the whole shield sphere glowing or sort of compartmentalised like in freespace 1/2 depending on which part of the ship you hit?

Do you have any screenies of the ships shields glowing when they are hit? =)

Keep up the great work guys!

Nope. Still cold. Getting colder.... Let me put it like this. Our backgrounds will be real. Not a distant sphere that encircles the entire scene, but actual star locations. Same with nebulas and any other sort of celetrial objects. I'll let you figure out what that means. And let you figure out exavtly what kind of visual effects we'll use this system for. :D
Well, one hint. Just because I can't keep everything a secret. Remeber that little ball of white light that popped up when you made a jump in Privateer? Ever wonder what that trip looked like to that little ball of light? Heh. Yeah.

We don't know. Probably nothing like the shield FX in Vegastrike or Prophecy. I don't think we're looking at a blue shield or anything like that at this point. I have an idea of something that would look cool, but I can't really describe it. Are you willing to trust me on this one as I say it'll kick ass?

Any further comments on the LRFR color schemes? Tomorrow's the last day to get 'em in! For we mush move on to other, non ship related things.
So basically you're creating the actual star systems in 3D and are projecting those around your system? So if you jump from system to system, you'll see it happen? I dunno, that's what I'm getting out of your explanation. :D
Ok I'll trust you on the kick ass shield effects then!

Although I quite like the idea of a sort of ripple effect, like in StarGate when you touch the worm hole it sort of ripples, shimmers and absorbs the impact.

No more comments on the LRFR, it looks totally sweet to me =)
If possible it would be cool if you could do shield effects like those in Wing Commander Armada, with the lightning and all, that looked bloody awesome.
Well folks, its that time. We want to thank you for all your feedback and input. We now have a general feel and look for the textures to work off of and will finalize them soon and post up some shots when we get a chance. From here on out its bases for us. We look forward to hearing what you all have to say about those when we finally get to posting them for your enjoyment!
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