New Lore Vid Follows the Tarawa's Adventures (January 19, 2022)


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The new Mac's Lore video alluded to earlier this week has finally dropped! It's a focused look at the Wake class escort carrier TCS Tarawa. We start with a comprehensive overview of this ship type as well as some highlights from the 'End Run' that preceded the False Armistice. Most Wingnuts are pretty familiar with these early novel exploits, and fortunately there's also some really good False Colors history included that's less well known. Mac also created some really beautiful animations and scenes with Klavs' models that are wonderful to see here - don't miss it!

When 1/3 of the carrier fleet gets blown to hell by the Cats, the Terran Confederation looks to stealing ideas from World War 2 to keep them in the game. It ends up working astonishingly well.

Thanks for HotT for the rapid tip!

Original update published on January 19, 2022
This is really cool - the only thing that stuck out to me was Intrepid being a Sheffield-class. I had always imagined her as a Gilgamesh-class.
Southampton-class I think. Either one works fine for the timeline, but of course Dr. Forstchen must've been imagining an Exeter or a Gilgamesh since WC3 wasn't out yet.
Truth be known, a Gilgamesh would have been my first choice, but I just didn't have a 3D model for it. In this case, I figured the Southampton would've made more sense in the timeline , since in my own head-canon the remaining Exeters would have been relegated to the ass ends of the Confederation due to age.
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I think also it is a Gilgamesh at the time. Remember also destroyer Group 3 at the Battle of Earth. Firing 16 Torps each and a high lost from Fighter Attacks.

For me the RSI Perseus is a smaller Gilgamesh for Star Citizen.
2 STS Turrets
2 AA Turrets - Flak ammo is coming soon too
20 S5 Torpedos.

Just Size and Crew a lower. 100m and 6 Crewmember. Solo no much but in a fleet as Destroyer Group 3...
What could they do when they come too close :D