New Here


Hi everyone Just wanted to say Hello and that I'm new here .Followed cic news for a long time just never signup for the forms till now .eager to talk about Wing Commander and the New Roberts Game Star Citizen. It looks really good I like to do graphics and movies play Swtor and Dcuo but really looking forward to this space sim. and did a Graphic just for it.

Welcome! It's definitely a great time to be a wingnut.
As exciting as the news of a new game is, it is somehow even more exciting that now this whole forum
*feels* different.

I don't mean that there was anything wrong with it for the past decade or so, just that it had the feel of an old great empire slowly fading away, with just a stubborn few holding on to past glories.
It feels completely different now. New members, new game and a tingle of excitement whenever I come in here.
Rather than come here to see IF someone has posted something interesting, I'm coming here EXPECTING to read something new and exciting.

I feel like a teenager again, wandering into my local Game store to continually bug them about when WCIV was coming out :D
Welcome Bloodwolf.

Yeah Star Citizen is looking brilliant so far, keen just to play a one ship demo right now! lol

Looks like Chris is making the successor to both WC and Star/Freelancer games, very exciting stuff.

And Bloodwolf, whats some of your favourite stuff from WC?
The traffic in #wingnut is up a good tick since the announcement. It's nice to see fans dropping in.
Welcome, Bloodwolf :) Yeah, I've been looking forward to another successor to Wing Commander for years and years!
thanks Everyone for a warm Welcome. some of you asked on what are some of my Favorite things about WC. I love a lot about it Special like the Wc1 to 3 with the war , the war had the best story lines and missions.though my favorite Fighter is the Vampire from the WC5.Plus I have decided to Download WC.Saga and try it out. Heard a lot of good things about it. Now on Star Citizen I saw a Interview that you will be able to get on enemy stations and cap ships and do third pperson fighting to take the bridge or even repel boarders that come on your Cap ship . That I think is very Interesting and exciting =) We will have to see what the future holds , but Space Sims are BACK!!!!
Looks like Chris is making the successor to both WC and Star/Freelancer games, very exciting stuff.

If it's anywhere nearly as good as the hype, then it is going to be the best thing since Freelancer came out. If it IS as good as the hype, then it's going to surpass Freelancer.