New hard drive = Wing Commander Marathon!



Well, after slaving away until late late late last night, I managed to install my new 80 Gig hard drive. My old 60 gig bit the bullet awhile ago and I (after drive-jacking another computer) My system's as good as new. So you know what that means! A game by game marathon of the Wing Commander saga, that's right, WC1 through SO. Well after beginning WC1 earlier today, I realized that due to "technical difficulties" I usually end up re-doing my WC records about once a year (about this time). So I got to wondering, how often do you guys usually do a run-through of the series? Like I said, I usually re-start every September/October. So how do you guys do it?
play, u mean wing commander is a game....?
i'll replay them every so often.
but not so much WC1, it is too old to play through. i can play wc2 and up, but wc3 is my fav. i beat that game in one day once, 3 had a strong plot, and the game as a whole was amazing for it's time.
what im trying to say is, i only really replay wc3.
I find that i play WC3 and WC4 the most... however i just got WCP during the summer and that has become very addictive... i find i play them everynow and then... mostly during breaks from school like at X-Mas or Thanksgiving... When i am working, I tend to play more games b/c school takes up too much time
I play them all just about year round. I'll just suddenly get an urge to play a certain WC, and I'll just go play it. The only time I actually do a formal Marathon is in the summer, when I have the time to do it nonstop :D
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So how do you guys do it?
[Insert childish remark here.]

I don't have much time to play anything these days - during university breaks I tend to play the N64 (since it has to be put away during term time, for the benefit of my younger brother).

But I do cycle through the WC series as often as I can. I restarted several months ago, stalled in between Privateer and RF (probably due to uni work), then restarted yet again for the dialogue, which explains why I haven't played WC3/4/P/SO for months, if not years. Currently, I'm halfway through SO1.
Fairly infrequent, but I'm about to put WC3 through its paces again. Any day now... As soon as something definitely positive happens in Eurofighter Typhoon. :) (Lovely game. A pity the terrain is inaccurate.)
I realized a few months ago that it'd been ages since I'd played Privateer. Then I thought about how hard it was to run anything WC these days... so I resolved to build a Wing Commander specific computer.

I've been working on it for a few weeks now -- I just bought the last internal part I needed off of eBay last week (a non-PnP SB16). It's a lot harder than it might seem... since various WC games support different special cards, and since I want to have as nice a setup as possible. I have, for instance, four different sound cards... (a Roland RAP-10, a SB16, a SBLive 5.1 and an external MT-32).
I'm curios, do you intend to play KS or the original on This machine?

and to wich WC fighter(or ship) would you compare your PC?
(Wierd??? like compare my pc to an unarmed Longbow:eek:)
I usually never actually sit down and play through the series. However, I play the games all the time. Usually it's WC3 or 4, however I had been playing WC1 lately too. Priv just decided to stop working on my system apparently, and WC2 is a pain. I don't have WCP at the moment, as my freind has had it for nearly a year now.
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I'm curios, do you intend to play KS or the original on This machine?

and to wich WC fighter(or ship) would you compare your PC?
(Wierd??? like compare my pc to an unarmed Longbow:eek:)

My hope is to have it running *every* version of WC eventually, up to and including the PC98 version of Armada. :)

Right now I have an 80 gb hard drive divided into one 40 gigabyte Win98 partition (for KS, WC4Win95, P2 Deluxe, watching the movie and WCA, etc.), one 2 gig DOS 6.22 partition (with Windows 3.11!) and the rest a bunch (18 or 19?) 2 gig logical partitions...
It's been forever since I've had an operable Privateer and it's really depressing. I don't have time to build a WC computer (and I gave my Prophecy Keyboard Cover to LOAF!), so who knows when I'll get to see it again. :(
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...PC98 version of Armada.

Whut dat?...Plz X-plain...:

...Also, whatchu use for multiboot setup?

-Partition magic's "boot magic"?...
-Xosl freeware?...
-other multiboot s/w?...

I've got Privateer but a too good computer for it. <Sigh> I miss them retro's "Deliver us O Lord for we are in need!" and "Your destruction is the will of God";)