New Chatzone Format (January 18, 1999)

Cpl Hades

Mr. Kat
Well folks, our best effort to make tolerable chatzones free of personal attacks is now up. The new format may be scary, and it does require registration (which is free of course) but we believe that this will allow us to manage the boards more efficiently. But now, new chatzones! The new Fan Fiction zone will allow budding writers among you to "publish" your works, and the "Continue the story" threads that were so popular in the days of WCHS (R.I.P) can thrive again. The other new chatzone is the developers zone, where you can discuss problems, techniques, etc for the great editing tools out there such as the WCP/SO Ships converter, WCP/SO mission creator, WCPEdit, etc (sorry, I can't mention everything here) and advertise your latest editing software. Before you ask, the tools I just mentioned are in the Files Section. Check out the new chatzones here.

Original update published on January 18, 1999
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