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Probably a little TOO subtle with all the effects, streaks, rivets and fasteners, but here she is!
Will you release the model like the older ones? I do want to replace it with the Hornet on FU and use the old one for civilians or pirates etc..
Happy to provide some ortho views, and cross sections, if you want!

You'll notice I closed up the front intake on the C-model, I liked the idea at first, but it started looking too Viper-like for my tastes.
Yes! Please do that :) I like this version more than the YF-Version


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Working on textures now, pretty happy with the leather jacket so far.

The flight suit underneath needs some more work. Not happy with the bump mapping or displacement. Trying to incorporate WC3 design cues while still making it it's own thing.

Would it be possible to get a copy of this pilot model?

It would look great in the 3D Cockpits I am working on ;-)
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Also, the model is now on Sketchfab! Check her out in all her 3d rotatable glory!

If you'd like the model for your own use, I'm asking for $10 to help with my family's medical bills of late.

If you're a wingnut and you don't want to contribute, but still want the model, just PM me, I'll be happy to work something out with you! Thanks so much everyone! I'm so grateful for all your love and support over the years!
The new sand grey color looks very nice with the chrome. The brighter orange of the original color scheme tends to bleed it out some. This makes it pop more. Good work!
There's always a bunch of nice images on here that would be great for wallpaper.

Thing is, I run double and triple displays and tend to use wallpapers that span them. Any chance some of you creators could make some 3840x1080 and/or 5760x1080 ones in the future?
Re-kajiggering a lot of the old models, to optimize things and maybe make them a bit more realistic by relying more on texturing than all the overly-chunkified modeling I did to make them look better as 3d printed models. In many cases I'm having to re-model them from scratch, but thems are the breaks. Pretty happy with the Sabre's overall configuration, and she can even carry 6 torpedoes!

Animated Gif


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Wing Commander has always been the perfect crossroads of Naval Aviation and Sci-Fi for me, probably why I love it so much. So, when working on this model of an early model of the the F7U-1 Cutlass, I was struck by how easily it could be turned into a Wing Commander ship! It's almost "Rocky Jones" in appearance, and it's easy to see how the shape would have blown people's minds in the early 1950's who were used to looking at Corsairs and P-51s. Only very peripherally related to Wing Commander, but there you are. Was there ever a WC Ship named Cutlass? Seems like there should be!

Sketchfab Model Here:


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