New 3D Thread


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There seem to be a myriad of turrets out there. I purposefully left them off so people could add their own in whatever configuration. I did add the hemispherical turrets a-la wing commander academy on the Fralthi and Snakier though. The Hakaga also has some rough sketches of one, too, I believe.

The Marine Transport/Hospital Ship is up, in addition to the shuttle and Marine Assault Transport.

I need to do a 'Cat Killers' livery for you if you still plan to have a Vukar Tag mission, tho, she's in Reavers livery ATM.
Thanks for the tip! Looks like the Hakaga turrets will work.


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Hospital Ship up and running:

I will see to cover the small hole near the main engine with some dark light or something like that. :)
Looking good!

What method are you using to reduce the polycount on the models?


Any chance of getting a newer version of the Dralthi? (It imported into blender a bit weird)


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Simple: I don't. :-P
I must admit, I'm a bit envious :)

I'll put it on my t'doo list!
Much obliged sir!

The Jalthi is missing textures. If you could upload one with textures I can import it. In the meantime I will get a start on the Hhriss.

I love the modern naval look of your Confederation turrets. If I may make a selfish request, I would love to see what you would do for a Kilrathi turret (I'm still far from starting Kilrathi capships so no rush).