New 3D Thread

I like it more then the old style.

And the canonsizes are not fitting every time to the ships. The cutscenes or the Infos how many fighters are on board show that some numbers need an overworking.
Little question about the fighter size of yours. Did you just scale them down a bit or did you put them to scale to a sitting Kilrathi?
I did that for the Confed fighters I have,with a human of corse. Result wasn't to far away, in most cases, from the original values for WC1 fighters.
Only exception I know of is the Broadsword. In its original size the Cockpit would be quite big, realy big.
Thanks guys, @Lars, yes, I've got a sitting Kilrathi approximation, but I also allow that perhaps the Kilrathi like a little more room in their cockpits. The final scales are still pending as they develop, but by and large the Kilrathi ships are a few meters shorter than cannon.

Textures done!


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That looks so good. Very well in style with the fighters.
As for the fighter sizes...I can life with a little change here and there.
Snakier! (900m)


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That looks good but also different from the Sneikier that I remeber. More like a early Fralthi II cruiser. Maybe its the missing wingy-bits-intake-thing that where not straight upwards as you have them now and they where a lot bigger.

For everything else. Very nice design. I espacialy like the bridge/top structure part. Maybe instead of the quadratic windows give it the WC3 like shaped ones to give it just a little bit more the alien feeling?
Don't get this the wrong way, but i'd really like to destroy these vessels. As in, make some attack runs with some of your other ships. Man i'm sure they'd blow up nicely.
Thanks guys, some Kilrathi explosions are JUST what I had in mind.

Kilrathi Greebles are lots of fun. No rhyme or reason, just fun shapes!

Trying to add little bits of foreshadowing of WC3 designs here and there. The "Handle" between the engines is specifically supposed to foreshadow the Fralthi II and Hvar'Kann engine section.

WC2 ships are a different story, Kilrathi in their "round phase" will be a bit tougher to incorporate into the design timeline!


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Yes WC2 was a bit odd in the change of ship design. WC1,3,4 and 5 are pretty close to each other. Maybe you could take some inspiration from Scooby who remodeled some WC2 design to fit the other games.

As for the last images. Just beautifull. Can't wait to see some fleet images of Kilrathi and Confed forces.
I like he does for me the Gilgamesh and Clydesdale. Those "Dildos" on the original design looks strange. Now it looks better and fits better to the novels. The Intrepid and a cruiser fires torpedosalvos to each other. Scooby build in two capshipmissilelauncher to each of those things. a full salvo are 8 missiles. At last 3 of them attack in the Battle of Earth the last Hakaga-Class Supercarrier.


Hope we see a Waterloo-class from Scooby. Or the WC1+2 Kilrathiships. I even don't like those round-design.
It was scary how quick the cats incorporated the new shields onto their cap ships. Suddenly, our missiles weren't enough to cut through their shields any more. Without the shield piercing torpedoes, you had to use wave after wave of missile barrages and strafing runs to try and break down the shielding. That was never fun. So it was pretty lucky we got the torpedoes as fast as we did. The 'Long Lances' came in right before we started jumping like crazy for Goddard.

The 'fish' had a godawful long lock time though, sometimes up to ninety seconds. Those early models required a copilot to facilitate the lock on process, there was less automation. During a run in, a single pilot just couldn't fly the ship, dodge the flak, watch for fighters, and monitor all those black boxes for the torp to 'decode' the shields for a launch.

Some of the replacement [A-14D] Raptors we got after Venice had the stretched canopy with the dummy seat in back, but we didn't have any qualified weapons system officers. So, once Tolywyn took us behind the lines after the dreadnought, we had to make do with what we had. What we had were too many pilots and not enough ships. So we drew straws and the unlucky ones broke out the tech manuals and figured it out. Thank god I didn't draw that detail! Electronic gizwitchery was never my forte. I'm more of a metric crescent wrench type of guy.

Gwen was a natural. She had the right personality to sit there calmly under fire, patiently unraveling a dozen types of quantum jamming and shield entanglement protocols. She always seemed to get us a lock about thirty seconds earlier than the gizmos predicted, and usually, the big kitties went 'boom' as advertised. Then you were free to mix it up with the remaining fighters while your backseater tried to hold onto their lunch. I swear, even later, that there were automated systems that couldn't get a lock as fast as Archer could. And she never lost her lunch, either (believe me, I tried).

Late in the battle, attrition caused us to run low on the torpedo planes. So again, we had to make do. Dedicated fighters like the Rapiers and Hornets didn't have the right structure to carry such a gi-mongous missile, so during Thor's Hammer we kludged them onto the Scimitars. The extra torpedos they carried made all the difference against the Sivar, but the Blue Devils paid an awful price. The techs had to remove the ejection seat to make room for *Gib, so nobody was getting out of those things if they got hit.

Bowman didn't.

-Todd Marshall
From "Me: The Life and Battles of 'Maniac' Marshall."

*Gib: The "Guy in Back"


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The torpedos on the Raptor look like they would belong there but on the Scimitars...yes that is kinda odd. Still nice to see these kind of details.
The torpedos on the Raptor look like they would belong there but on the Scimitars...yes that is kinda odd. Still nice to see these kind of details.

Look at the Wing Commander 2 Remake - Enigma 2666 Threat : I also put some torpedos on the Raptor (4) and on the Scimitar (2) too. 4 Torps on a Scim...hmmm..

Reason was, to make the capships more dangerous to fighters and all above a corvette should be only destroyable by torpedos. On the Tolmacs class is no place for a Raptor (too big) and so I used a Scimitar as light bomber. Like the Epee, Sabre, Thunderbolt - they not bombers - but have the ability to carry one or two torpedos to destroy capitalships. The Hornet and Rapier are out of the race. So i put them on the Scim. Raptor is from the size more a bomber then a heavy fighter.

Hornet light
Scimitar medium
Rapier heavy
Raptor heavy bomber

If anybody's interested, here is some video of the new 'Claw. Make sure you watch it in HD! I didn't spend a week rendering at 1920 x 1080 so you could watch it in a tiny window!

One of the techs was a fair hand with the art tablet and a master of programming the CNC sprayer. She came up with this great insignia, a big, black, mean lookin' winged guy on top of some red claw marks. which the Colonel immediately approved. The new Rapier squadron was to be the "Black Lions". All the ships were sprayed, and we flew the crap out of those awesome birds all the way to Venice, through Thor's Hammer, and beyond.

One day, over Firekka, all these comm net correspondents came on. One really young girl, she wasn't yet eighteen (I asked), looked up at the big stabilizer of one of the 'Raips and asked me, ever so seriously, "Lieutenant Marshal, what is the signifigance of the lion's phallus?"

Sure enough, one of the claw marks was staggered just so it was coming out from just the right spot on the lion. I had the composure not to point out that the other end of that claw mark was coming out from around the hindquarters area, making it look like old "Leo" was both sporting bright red wood, and experiencing a serious case of the jalapeno vapors.

None of us (not even me, with my finely tuned sense of sexual innuendo) had seen it. We had been so occupied with flying, fighting, repairing and maintaining those ships, and we'd never seen it. Now that we had some down time, it was obvious.

Rapidly, a "low viz" version of the insignia was quickly redesigned, with the claw marks at a different angle. After Firekka, the ships were resprayed.

But later, I had a patch made for all of us that survived that first tour with the Rapiers that had the original insignia and the bold caption:

"Semper Erectus"

Even Maverick wore his. On the inside of his jacket, of course.

-Excerpt from "Me: The Life and Battles of 'Maniac' Marshall."


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