never say never


I seem to be getting the taste back for 3d, so I've started doing a new Kilrathi Dreadnought for Maya, here's a WIP:


Still alot to do obviously, but I hope to have it ready within a week. I'll of course release it to the public at that time, Tolwyn can do the usual 3ds conversion if he feels like it ;)
Zorath is back.

*takes out a bottle of scotch*

*thinks, thinks*

Conversion... MAYA!!!

My Two Cents

It looks like those robot arm toys that you buy at squeeze the handle, and the two pokers at the end come together to pick something up...I suppose there must be something similar in Kilrathi Culture...
Nice to see you back. I do hope you turn your talent to something other than Dreadnoughts :p
and it also sucks... because it is for maya. No offense but it is VERy difficult to convert anything to another format :mad:

but the ´model itself... knowing your skills it will be the best KD model I've ever seen
that kind of conversion is the worst.. don't even give it a try unless you convert a simple model
The front part of the ship is essentially complete, I might make a few modifications if I need to. Now I just need to complete the middle and back sections. Speaking of which, does anyone know if the hole through the middle section is an actual used hangarbay or just useless space? It seems a bit pointless to me, since the front hangar itself is about as long as the whole Vesuvius (roughly).



I should be damned... that is the best dreadnaught I have ever seen.

Damn it all to hell, I need Maya :D !!!

@Zohrath: you leave me almost no choice. Maybe it is your way to force me to try out Maya 5? :p
Very Very nice. IIRC, it didn't look too much like a hanger bay. I remember flying all the way through the Dreadnaught until I got to the engine "nacelle thingies" (The Blue things). It looked different deeper in the Dreadnaught than in the front hanger bay.