Need help with XWA - Wing Com. TC and Mission Ed

Anyone out there ever tried using the AlliED mission editor with the WCTC beta ships?

They definitely have issues (hell, I just ran a skirmish and watched a fralthra reduce 3 gilgamesh destroyers, a bengal class carrier, and several fighters to dust motes while never getting below 50% hull itself) with balancing and meshing...but they're still quite good!

Anyways, specifically, I have a generic crash when I try to script a practice mission involving a flight of hornets taking off from the Tiger's Claw, and helping it destroy a "hold steady" target ralari...

When you leave the briefing and the "loading bar" starts moving across the screen, it gets to about 25% and the game CTDs.

I'll post this elsewhere too, on forums related to XWA modding, but I figured I'd post it here.

I'm trying to see if I can use the OPTs created for WCTC in my mission set. I figure I'll dedicate a couple of weeks to investigating this before proceeding with developing the coding for more missions in my set.