Need help with running slo mo with WC Prophecy gold.


I have just recently bought WC Prophecy gold. So when I first ran it, it the movies and the game went really fast. I'm running a P3 800Mhz machine. So I got slo mo(evalutation version download). So I have tried using it. It didn't slow nothing down. I pasted the to my windows command dir. Tried to slow down the launcher.exe in the c drive, then the setup.exe from the cd. What am I missing?Please help me out, I implore of ye!
Thanks for the help. I tried turbo, and it didnt work. I dont mean for that to sound ungrateful, but I can't really word it any better. But I also tried cpukiller, wich was in the files. This worked too well. I could watch the movies, but the game played real choppy. This gave me an idea though. Maybe its not the processor I need to slow down, but the DVD player. So I am going to do some trial and error. Thank you for the help, while it didn't solve the problem directly, Hopefully it got me on the right track. Gracious, mi amigo.
Try changing around your Hardware Sound Acceleration Level in C:\Program Files\DIRECTX\Setup\DxDiag.exe.