need help in WC3!


how do i complete the misson on alcor 5 where
i have to recause that docter,i tried everything but i get the loseing route by going to proxima.
In order to rescue Dr. Severin you have to go to the planet surface & destroy everything. Waste all the Ekapshis, ground tanks, buildings, etc. Leave no red or yellow dots on the radar screen. Visit all the nav points, there are a couple & waste, waste, waste.

Aide: "Still trying to decide on whether or not to buy the 28 F-16 jet fighters?"
Politician: "Yes."
Aide: "This should help you make your mind. Fuel prices have gone up again."
The Politician by David Fletcher.
Yes exactly, if your radar is damaged you cannot do this, becuase you'll probably never find all the targets, and then you might as well eject unless you want to go down the losing path, which it seems you don't.
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