Neat Carrier

Huh.. what are the runways for if the VTOL technology is so advanced you can lift a carrier off the sea? :)
To look at some semi-realistic numbers for a moment, assuming that this carrier would be comparable in mass to a Nimitz or Ford class carrier (about one hundred kilotons), then it would require about 300-odd megawatts just to hover, and about twice that to realistically maneuver and to operate its other systems. In other words, it would require about triple the Nimitz class's 190 MW reactor output. This would be theoretically feasible if the US government cared to spend the twenty or more billion dollars necessary to design and build it. However, it would be just as vulnerable as a surface carrier with regards to enemy missile and artillery fire, while its main advantages would be speed compared to waterborne ships and the ability to operate away from the ocean.
That is really awesome....I wish the US navy actually had one of those :p
LMAO, no kidding. After seeing that, I can already hear the R&D gears spooling up and a fund being diverted from the fund that deals with these projects lol. I gustimate the size of that ship to be about 6 times the size of a Nimitz class carrier.
Taking off in hover mode and coming to a full stop and landing in hover mode both take more time per plane than traditional short-takeoff/landing on a 200-400 meter runway, especially since the plane then has to get out of the way before the next one can be dealt with.