MyGod! Sir commander!!!


How can i be illegal???????
I have my disk of wing commander prophecy, and im downloding that files from ur OWN DOWNLOAD PAGE..
PLS tellme whats is wrong...
Munerius, very worry!
Hi SilentWarrior, but tellme why this download is in the page from Origin?????
if i download that files what will happend?
and pls tellme how can i be a Captain?

My bad, I missinformed you in the previous post.
Downloading the episodes (2-7) is illegal since the free offer has been discontinued. So downloading any additional episodes from sites like gamespot is illegal. But if you're downloading from this site, it's perfectly legal, since the first episode that they have here in the files section serves as a demo for Prophecy Gold.

The rank you get depends on how many posts you have. You have to have couple hundred posts to be a Captain, but the ranks are meaningless. They just show who should get a life.

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