My Print & Play Near-Future Space-Exploration Board Game


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Gosh, what a thread title :)

Anyway... I made a super-niche board game again. It is free. This time, it is a solo-experience, that is a board game played by one person only (something I considered ridiculous myself just a few years back). Mark my words, when designing specifically for just a single player rather than trying to emulate multiplayer, a solo board game can be fascinating.


All you need is a printer, some wooden cubes or meeples, a coin and some dice. Details, downloads and so on are here. I am always looking for more feedback, so take a look if you are so inclined. A tabletop simulator version exists too, maintained by a fan (aka not by me).

I will post some more pictures using a second post below, but I wanted to keep this one straight-forward and simple.
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That looks pretty neat. I love the idea of tabletop games like this (and haven't really had time to touch them in years). It looks like it would be really easy to Wing Commanderize too.
Well, I did post it in Off-Topic on purpose 😄, no Wing Commander there. No conflict, war, or space battles in general actually.
Been meaning to sit down and try this out; I'm both a KSP-player and a fan of High Frontier, and I'm an amateur board game designer myself, so it piqued my interest right away. Got through the rules. Just need to sit back and look at the materials themselves.

I might need to use the TTS version. A4 isn't widely used in my part of the world - not much difference between it and Letter size besides being shorter and fatter, but it's enough to throw off a printer.
Since all files are in the exactly same format, pixel-perfect, it does not matter what you have 😄. Your letter-size paper is fine too, the trick is to resize/rescale and center in exactly the same way for each file.
The biggest problem is usually the fact that most consumer-grade printers out there do not properly align the stuff which forces people, for example myself, to print the fronts and backs separately and then combine them or glue them together.
I actually used glue-paper for the fronts and thick 80mm paper for the backs, cut it all out and then created the final components.

This is why there is a test-file, so you can try this out without using tons of ink.

Alternatively, a local copy shop will help you out but I usually do not recommend doing that while the game is WIP, even though this particular one has matured quite a bit thanks to many-a-tester.

With the contest on BGG being in the voting-phase right now, I am not allowed to share the most up-to-date version there.
However, this is not BGG so here you go:

* (if you want the expansion)

Note that there are other great board games taking part in that contest so, so go take a look if you are board game fans.

⚠️for future forum readers: these links are probably dead by now, check out the thread indicated in the original post to get the most up-to-date files
Contest is over and the game did really well 😇.

Released the second expansion, adding coop gameplay. For now, all the details remain in the BGG forum thread.

Once there is a BGG entry, I will stop posting stuff here.
Just a quick heads-up: 2 years later and the game still sees development, mainly in the form of expansions. And it enjoys success in its incredibly small niche community. So, if the recent real world space news reveal an itch that needs scratching, remember this project :-)

Interplanetary remains available, for free I might add, here.