Mustang Missions 2 complete!

Hey, no problem. I could use a bit more information (is it not loading, or just not showing up?)

If you do not have one already, create a folder called missions inside your data folder. Once that is done, then place the "capture destroyer" and "transport raid" files inside of the missions folder.

Open the game. Do not hit campaign, but rather hit tech data. Inside Tech data there is a tab called mission simulator at the top left. Hit this tab.

If it is only showing the prologue campaign missions at this point, then got to the bottom of the screen and click on single missions. It should appear at this point!

Thanks for downloading, and please give feedback on the mission! It helps!


Thanks, I got right in there. I did the capture the destroyer mission and I really enjoyed it. It was simple but full of action. I ll try the other one when I get some more time. The only negative thing is the mission briefing voice other then that, great job!
Hey, I got the second mission... really nice one, I liked the cutscene... is it your first?

Thanks for the reply.

The cutscene is the first one that I have done, and I probably invested 10 hours trying to get it right :). It shouldn't take that long to do another one, but I had to learn how to position the camera's, time the events, ect.

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention, the hardest part was making those hellcat's fly into the bay before the ship jumps. You may not notice them, because they land fairly quickly, but those little bastards gave me fits :). I finally figured out just to make them disappear when they leave sight, but it took a while.

Personally, I think the cutscene was my favorite part of the mission :). I really think it would be neat to use the Saga mod to do the combat scenes in the WC3 movie (such as Queeg's). It wouldn't be CGI nice, but it would be pretty good.

Anyways, glad you enjoyed the mission!