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Does anyone know if Microsoft's recent line of joysticks has any DOS support at all? My PC Raider is giving my hand cramps and Privateer is addictive, if you get the idea...

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I can't say for certain, but my guess would be no. If the joystick is USB, then definitely no. I suggest browsing eBay for an old (but good) joystick.
Most, if not all, new joysticks are digital and will not work in DOS.


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Bolder Dash!, most joy sticks work in dos, not always with fully configurable buttons however.


(like the warrior5 from quick shot.)

I have a logitech Extreem 3D, I can use it for USB or unplug the USB and plug it into my soundcards midi. (e.g. game port).

most games do not require you to install drives for dos games that need joysticks. You just tell it you have one and thats it, you may need to congure it.

Wingcomander II is a good example, plug your joystick in turn your computer on, load wingcomander II, configure your joysticks "centre" and "turn" and how many buttons (not soft config buttons), and away you go.

nick your pals joystick and test with that first. I got a joystick to work in my computer now, e.g. games port, and my next computer e.g. USB. I have a choice.

Whoa, back up!! Are you telling me that the Logitech Extreme 3D is DOS compatible? If so, then Grimloc, you've got your new joystick. Looks like Logitech is remembering about those of us who like to play older games!

Now, Viglen, just need to correct you on some points:

1) Digital joysticks have only been out for four or five years; before that, they were all analog. Analog joysticks support up to two buttons only; that's one of the reasons for the switch to digital.

2) Most joysticks made these days are not backwards-compatible; it used to be that all joystick manufacturers made sure that their digital joysticks would also send the proper analog signals to the game port (also known as the MIDI port, on sound cards).

For the last year or so, I've been getting reports from those who visit this board that various new joysticks won't function in DOS, including (but not limited to) most Microsoft joysticks. My advice to them has been the same: go out and look for some old joysticks. Now, if the Wingman Extreme Digital 3D ( ) actually does work in DOS, then that means that I can now recommend a specific joystick.

I want you to be very clear on this, viglen: have you actually used this joystick in pure DOS (meaning actually rebooting to DOS rather than simply in a DOS window)? Has it worked for a WC game such as Privateer or WC2?
I will look tonight.

I will try and find a game i can test it on two.

WCII is too fast to play on my PC, I would need to install a "slower" software.

I may have an old copy of somthing kicking around somewere.
I got this from the FAQ on logitech's home pages :

Q. Can I use my Digital Gaming device in DOS games?

A. All Logitech Digital gaming devices should work in games that run in a DOS box in Windows.
This means that if the games requires you to restart the computer in DOS mode to play the game,
the digital gaming device will not function. However, if a WingMan Extreme Digital is being used in
true DOS mode, it can be put in either Thrustmaster mode or CH Flightstick mode, if the game
supports a joystick. Please refer to the documentation that came with the WingMan Extreme Digital
for information on switching modes.

Hope this helps.


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Well, what d'you know... it does have DOS support. Glad you came along; now there's a joystick out there I can recommend to those wanting to play the old WC games.
Stinger, Analog sticks can have more than two buttons (actually, if you don't split the gameport it can handle four by itself, eg the Gravis Gamepad) It can also use a keyboard passthrough (though I'm sure most people know that) so that buttons can be used as a keypress.


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I have one... It's a gamepad, but it is analog and uses just the gameport. All he buttons work seperately (no autofire...) Long ago when I read my SB16 manual I discovered that unless you split a port (you can get a Y cable) it will handle 4 buttons.


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