Most Dominant Fighter of it's time...

What was the most dominant fighter of it's time?

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Hands down, the Rapier.
Personally, the best fighter I remember flying through the years. I loved the Bearcat and the Excalibur too, but they were less prominent over time. Impact-wise, only the Raptor or Scimitar has an equally long history in the Kilrathi war, and only the Hellcat in its various versions has as long a lifespan throughout the various wars.

I would think historians of the Kilrathi war would definitely be looking at the Scimitar, Raptor and Rapier as the most significant fighters historically, and of those three, while the heavy-fighter Raptor certainly couldn't have been replaced in its glory days, I think the Rapiers - the artist's ship - made more of a difference in balancing out the war than any other individual ship. And certainly were the most dominating fighters in their glory days. Raptors had more firepower, sure, but nothing could keep up with a Rapier in the hands of an ace pilot.


Cry some more!
I think that, in relation to the other ships of the same age, the Excal is the most powerfull. even though it didn't have much combat time, it was clearly superior to anything confed and Kilrah had at the time.