More Lore: Explaining the False Armistice (January 28, 2021)


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Mac's Lore is back with the sequel to his popular historical retrospective on the Kilrathi False Armistice. These were the events that were originally described in Wing Commander Fleet Action. While the first clip came in at a respectable ten minutes, part two clocks in at more than a half hour! There's just a lot of dense information packed in there to explain! If you don't plan to pick up the FA book any time soon or just want a refresher, this is a great way to get caught up on the events that led to Wing Commander 3. Scroll down for the part one if you missed it earlier.

And also be sure to check out this monster of a video! Mac used WC Saga and the Freespace FRED editor to build an epic battle loosely inspired by Fleet Action's Battle of Earth. It's like a Wing Commander Academy action sphere times a hundred!

Original update published on January 28, 2021
Interesting, I didn't know some of klavs' ships were ported in FRED (there's at least his Snakeir among the Kilrathi fleet). Pretty fun battle video indeed!
I upload my Video today but for the SC Comm - a Example why the Perseus or Polaris with the Torps are not laughable ;)
The Perseus is just a shorter Gilga - 2 STS turrets, 2 Flakturrets and Torps

Destroyer Group 3 went down at the Battle of Earth. Here they take out a Dreadnought :p Just one lost to the Cats Anti Ship Missiles. But at the same time it eat a few dozen :D
Cats go boom. And in SC the Perseus is just 100m and not 312m like the Gilg but the Targets are much shorter then those 4km ship. Instead 100-600m ships ;D In numbers they can take out Duuls Cruisers for sure. Or the Polaris - have also 4 Tubes like the Gilga here.