modules for Knights of Legend



Anyone have any idea if they were ever put out or available anywhere?
The game came with a card that stated you could send in for more disks. Its also in the menu of the game.
Oh, you mean retail expansion packs? Aside from the initial three versions of the main game itself, I don't think any were released. Origin might have had some small ones available from its bbs or via mail.
3 versions = 3 different platforms? C64, PC etc?

I just bought the game on ebay and it comes with a card to apply for modules. Just trying to find out if they ever existed....

thanks for all the help
Only the main game for Apple 2, Commodore 64 and PC were released, unless the expansions had a different name. The term "modules" is kind of weird. If that's actually what they're called, then they indeed were probably only available directly from Origin.
I was hoping they might be available in the Origin museum. =)
KoL Modules

None were released. Origin sent out a letter saying something to the effect that it was no longer worthwhile working on (shrinking market.) Not their exact words. I have the letter around here somewhere.
I'm actually working on an article about cancelled games right now, and these modules are on my list - if you find that letter I'd love to know what it said.