Modular design and damage question



Patiently waiting your masterpiece.

I remember playing the WC games the week they came out. I remember how cool it was to watch a talking lion man and to fight talking bad guys. Don't forget when the first WC came out, it was the very beginning of speech in games. Remember speech packs?

Every Day I hope that some pioneering game company would make a combination of all the best Space sims. For example, open ended universe, pirates and trading, assasination missions, alien civs, completely customizable repairable/destroyable ship components, Ship to ship docking, FPS (first person shooter) mechanincs, Planet+Station landing including orbital paths and proper entry patterns... the list could go on and on... and I'm still waiting.

With that said, Privateer is still my favorite game of all time. I've spent countless hours searching the web for information about new space simulators. To quickly name a few i've recently considered playing this month:
WC (all of it) PRIVATEER
Evochron ... (not oldschool, just lowtech)
Freelancer ... (rated T for preteen)
Mace Griffith bounty hunter ... (I wish more SpaceSims allowed FPS + walking in/out of your ship)
Parkan 1+2
FreeSpace SCP ... (one of the best full mod/remake communities)
SpaceForce Rouge Universe
StarWars Gallaxies ... (I've never played it)
StarWars X-wing + Tie Fighter
X 1+2+3
Eve Online (never played)
DarkStar One (never played)
SpaceRangers (never played, but i'm gonna try it out)...

anyway, back to the issue. I've recently been searching the web, yet again, for Space Combat and Trading Simulators (as defined by Wiki) and I just randomly typed in Privateer Source.
Here I am.

I'm sure I speak for hundreds if not thousands of fans when I say \
"Thank you very much for remaking a WC game universe"
"Please god finish it soon"

Btw, I also found Privateer Gold, another source project with a max res of 800-600.
I'm downloading it now, so my old favorite will tide me over until my next hunger.