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Hi everyone. I would like to use in the Wing Commander : Enigma 2666 a ship that we see only a few secounds in the Academy Serie: The Manasssas light Cruiser. We've got only one short pic here:
I would use a fanbased story for it:

Construction on the Manassas class light cruiser was begun near the start of the Kilrathi War. These ships were designed to be mass produced to make for loses occurred during the McAuliffe Ambush in 2634. During their heyday, these ships were considered the Confederation Fleets primary cruiser. They were better armed and more than a match for the closest Kirathi equivalent, the Fralthi class cruiser in a one to one combat. Unfortunately, the Kilrathi light cruiser probably outnumbered the Confederation cruisers at least two to one.
The Manassas class light cruisers were retired in the late 2650s and was replaced by the heavier Waterloo class heavy cruiser. By that time, even though the Manassas class were fine ships when they were first built, they could not effectively compete with the new Kilrathi vessels which they encountered. Losses were extremely high over the years although there was still a surprising number of surviving hulls. Most of these were put into inactive reserve for possible reactivation at a later date.
Throughout their service, the Manassas class light cruisers had a reputation as a grizzled warship that could absorb and dish out serious damage. They had powerful force fields for the time which they were built along with being well armored. For the main battery, these ships were equipped with a pair of triple neutron cannons. Finally, these ships are defended by a battery of eight light lasers.
The design of these ships were drawn up before the perceived need for fighters and there is no able to embark any small craft beyond a pair of general purpose shuttles. The later Waterloo class could at first embark sixteen fighters and was later modified to be able to carry a full forty fighters, making them effectively light carriers as well as being cruisers. The Manassas class are outfitted with only a single bridge and only have the most sketchy facilities to act as flagships.
These ships have all been decommissioned but every few years, a plan is devised for reactivating these light cruisers. Budget constraints, along with the need to keep as many carriers in operation as possible, always has ultimately prevented these plans from reacting fruition. There also has been a lack of escorts and the reactivation of these light cruisers would reduce the pressures on existing escorts. Some plans have included the simple upgrade of these ships including more powerful shields and the replacement of both neutron cannon mounts with anti-matter cannons. A more radical upgrade would be to modify these ships into escort carriers similar to what was done with several Kilrathi Fralthi class light cruisers. In this configuration, they would probably be limited to under a couple of dozen fighters but would likely be better armed than Wake Island class escort carriers.

The size (from the same source) would be:
Length: 1,574.80 feet (480 meters)
Height: 336.29 feet (102.5 meters) for hull
Width: 1,117.13 feet (340.5 meters)
Weight: 14,881.2 Tons (13,500 metric tons) fully loaded
So my question is : How can it be look? Any Ideas? Perhaps someone have a model we could use for the Manassas-class :)

Armament are :
2x Tripple Neutron Gun Battery (same we have on the Exeter and Gettysburg Class)
8x Laser Turrets

A short Hangar in the back for Shuttle? Or the update for a escort Carrier? Or was it the Durango? Any Ideas are welcome for that :)
My personal opinion is like that:
The middle of the Durango is full or like here a Exeter front in and the tripple gun turret, bottom the same armament. Front a Missilelauncher.