Mod beta v2.3 - from Lancers Reactor


Master of Orion
well, tried next beta release from Lancers Reactor -> Privateer: The Reckoning Mod beta v2.3.

What can i say, i do not know why, but the mod leaves awesome warm feeling, very nice done guys, good job.

Few advises and tips if you like:

  • 1. Would be great if Liberty can use Hellcats patrols as it was in previous beta release. Those ships is a trademark of WC i guess and to see them is a real excitement!
  • 2. Border Worlds ships i guess need to use Border Worlds ships (sorry for repeating hehehe) Like Banshee it shall replace all Dagger-class ships.
  • 3. Some ships have big problems... do not try to include all ships from Wing commander, just put those that make sense and have similar *.cmp files or otherwise some parts of the ship just sink in the objects, hehehe.

well anyway, you guys did awesome job on creating such mod. Would try and test it more and report any new bugs ;) or anything,

Cyberion - Excelcia system modder
well, I was overriden when I asked to put Hellcats as patrol... same goes for a lot of ships, that are currently included, but are more or less useless (means buggy). It always comes to one single point: do we want a Privateer only mod or with a mod which includes elements from both WCS and WCP. I an curious to know what fans really want...
A mod which includes elements from both WCS and WCP, would be my choice.