Mixing PR and P:GG?



In all honesty, they both have features I like. On one hand, Remake has more ships, which is something I've always wished Privateer had. Even when I first played the game, when I was... 8 or so, I wanted to fly a Drayman around. On the other hand, Gemini Gold has really gorgeous models, and I like how it doesn't use the generic VegaStrike nav comp. Is it at all possible for me to use the models from GG with PR? Would it just be a matter of copying over some folders? What about for certain scripted things?

John Cordell

I think the new stuff from Gemini Gold will be used in the Remake 1.3, just wait and don't worry about editing your files ;)
what you can do is copy the /units dir from GG into PR, you should get at least some of the benefits. I had half a thought of making an "extra ships" minipatch for GG, but I don't think that John would approve and ultimately it's his baby.

This said, we probably will use GG art in PR 1.3 ^-^ we are already using some in WCU.