It sounds like MSVBVM50.dll is missing :p. I don't know what the cause of that would be, however - if you installed UE properly into the Secret Ops folder, everything yo need to run the game should be there... I think.
Well I did on 2 different computers so its just plain not there can u just send that file or can anyone help me with this?
The missing DLL must be used by the launcher, not the game itself. The launcher is coded in Visual Basic, wich requires a few Microsoft DLLs to be installed on the PC to run (wich I why I personnaly never code with Visual Basic). Most people will already have suitable DLLs installed to have VB EXEs running since many software will install them along with their own code.

I've uploaded the DLL on my site for you. Be aware that there might be another missing DLL since you obviously didn't install the whole VB runtime package.