Missile problem in KS WC3


Ok, this is the first this has happened to me in this game. I have played it through and beat it without any tech problems. I went to start a new game and in the first mission all of my missiles lock and then fire onto whatever is first on my viewscreen, normally Hobbes. I don't know if this is a tech problem or just the matter of flipping a switch somewhere. Thanks for your help.


Rear Admiral
Your missiles will lock on anything you target.

It's the launching thats the problem.

Whats your joystick?


I have a crappy cheap PC Flight Pro, and like I said nothing has been wrong before I started this first mission.


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I seem to remember having this problem a while back; seems the game thinks that the Enter key is stuck. Try tapping Enter once when the mission starts (before the missile locks on; don't want to actually fire it).