Misc Artwork for the Flight Demo

I don't know if they are the same as the confed ones or not, but the guns look very out of place on that design. By that I mean that design of the gun just doesn't seem to mesh with the shape and style of the rest of the fighter.
I don't know if they are the same as the confed ones or not, but the guns look very out of place on that design. By that I mean that design of the gun just doesn't seem to mesh with the shape and style of the rest of the fighter.

Right -- I also thing the guns on Kilrathi ships should have some brownish-copper hue like those ships's hull. Other than that it's absolutely stunning! :)
Okay - I've done a bit o' work on the Jalthi. Tried not to modify it much from the original version. It was also sort of tricky to give the proper feeling of bad-assed bigness... Any thoughts?
That is simply beautiful. You have a winner here!
yup, had the thought about the guns, too. strange how they didn't seem out of place on the Dralthi and the Blaggard... maybe it's just more obvious when there's six of them? :)
other than that, the ship is stunning! love the little tubes near the engine exhausts :) there might be too many little lights on the underside; then again, I guess no one's gonna be bothered by the little lights in a dogfight with four of these...
Also seeming out of place is the fact that both Confed and the Kilrathi have the exact same technology when it comes to propulsion. For an alien species, it's funny how similar their engines look to our 20th-century aircraft. :D Heh
Hey, guys. The problem with the guns is that they were too bright. About twice as bright as they should have been. This was causing them to look too much like the confed guns. Anyhow, I've fixed it in the size comparisons below.
I know I probably went a bit overboard on the little yellow lights. I'll cut back.
Cam: They also have extremely similar interstellar FTL drives, almost identical weapontry, similar radar displays, identical drive trails, and the same concept of what an "Afterburner" is. Oh, well.
As for these size comparisons...I'm not completely happy with how these read. There will almost certainly be modifications to the reletive sizes.


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Looks pretty accurate to me. But the Jalthi has the smallest cockpit of them all? Odd. For example the Dralthi looks like it would snugly fit a Kilrathi pilot, but the Jalthi might barely fit one. Perhaps the Jalthi is too small?
Yeah, that's one of the problems I've got with it. I'll figure something out.

I remember my first encounter (and probably not only mine) with some of these "monsters" attacking Exeter. At first glance I thought, that I was against a squadron of some kind of small Kilrathi capital ships (like corvettes or something) rather than heavy fighters. They were really huge and they were firing like hell. They made a very intimidating impression and this should be kept as it was in WC1, IMO. You can make them bigger even like 60-70%, and it will be ok, I guess. Good hint for you, Howard, could be the size of the Jalthis fuselage -- altogether it might be just a little bit smaller than the Tarsus'.
Here's something I finished up last night - the revamped Phalanx fighter. I like the way the engines worked out on this one! Comments and suggestions are welcome - I haven't completely put this one to bed, and now's the time to change any minor problems.


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Ok, I just got finished with looking at all the stuff Howard did, including the motion sequences. All I got to say is: wow. Just....wow!

Seriously though, I was stunned by the quality. Great work! On your Jalthi, I noticed that it is a little farther back and below the Dralthi, which contributes to the cockpit looking considerably smaller. What would it look like if you took the crossbar off of the canopy?
the bars on the cockpit are a bit thick, don't you think? other than that, excellent! each detail's in its place, and the overall look is gorgeous.
As always Howard -- good work! The only thing, that I miss are guns. Could you add these (maybe few combinations of short ones -- like mass drivers i guess -- and long like lasers) to model and make some pictures of it, because it can give this ship a completely different looks.

EDIT: Oh, and maybe one more thing -- you can always show us some different paintings/textures for Phalanx. It might be, that this grey coverage might be a standard one for this ship, where some special camouflages and/or other paintings, signs etc. would be purchasable on some space stations.