Minecraft Wing Commander Tribute Project



I am currently working (by myself) on a Wing Commander Project in Minecraft.
I will include ships from most of the games (as far as possible) and create some ships inspired by Wing Commander.

here is a link to some of my "creations" so far: ..... (not allowed to post links yet) coming soon. you can google "namco_duckman imageshack" to find my pictures.

The carrier is inspired by the TCS Tiger Claw (Wing Commander Movie) and the TCS Vesuvius (Wing Commander IV).
The size of the carrier is about 630 meters in length. 24 decks.
There is also a Venture class corvette (length 80 meters), a Thunderbolt MK VII (length 33 meters), a Dralthi MK II (length 23 meters) and a civilian shuttle (length 50+ meters) so far.
All complete with interior. currently working on the interior of the carrier ship.

I started the project on January, 12th 2014.

Process so far:
Carrier: 100% Outside, 10% Inside
Venture-Class Corvette: 100% Outside, 80% Inside
Dralthi Mk II: 100%
Thunderbolt Mk VII: 100%
Civilian Shuttle: 100% Outside, 80% Outside
Southampton-Class Destroyer: 0% (not started yet)

Minecraft Stones used: about 1 million stones so far.

Wing Commander Resource pack for Minecraft: 0% (not started yet)

more to come...

I hope, you like my "creations"
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two new images


Briefing room

frontal view of the carrier.
in the picture you can see 4 dual cannon turrets (2 on top and 2 under the landing strip), 2 small torpedo launcher and a bigger torpedo launcher in the middle under the landing strip.

more to come....
Thanks. working on it most of my free time. up to 16 hours on the weekends.
Will make a video of it too. but first i need to finish most of the interior of the carrier.
When i am finished with all ships, maybe i will upload it to a server so everyone can have a look at the fleet.
more pictures



Main Reactor

Main Engine

Main Engine (different view)

Power transfer line from main reactor to engine

Flight Deck (view from the Flight Deck Control room above the flight deck)

Airlock (yes, it works InGame)

Emergency Bridge

Pilot & Officer Club (where is Shotglass when you need him?)

Main Bridge

more to come....
Awesome stuff you have there. When I saw it on the front page I thought it looked a bit like the Vesuvius. How many hours in the month did it take to build it?
my current stats for this project:

Play/Buildtime: 6.91 days (165.84 hours ; time InGame)
Distance walked: 309.07 km (192.05 miles)
Distance flown: 989.50 km (614.85 miles)
Used blocks/stones: 888493

this is a "bugged out" picture showing part of the engine and a cross section of the decks. (sometimes the render engine of minecraft "forget" to render some of the "chunks")
As you can see, i am building all decks, including rooms for the crew.
In thie picture you can also see the Thunderbolt MK VII and the Quad Anti-Matter cannon mounted beneath the carrier.
All Decks will have a different color combination for the carpet.
here is the list of all color combinations i use:
  • Deck 1 : Cyan
    Deck 2 : Red
    Deck 3 : Green/Grey
    Deck 4 : Cyan/Grey
    Deck 5 : Red/Grey
    Deck 6 : Blue/Grey
    Deck 7 : White/Grey
    Deck 8 : Yellow/Grey
    Deck 9 : Orange/Grey
    Deck 10: Brown/Blue
    Deck 11: Grey/Blue
    Deck 12: Light Blue/Blue
    Deck 13: Green/Blue
    Deck 14: Cyan/Blue
    Deck 15: Red/Blue
    Deck 16: Blue
    Deck 17: White/Blue
    Deck 18: Yellow/Blue
    Deck 19: Orange/Blue
    Deck 20: Brown/Black
    Deck 21: Black
    Deck 22: Red/Black
    Deck 23: Green/Black
    Deck 24: Cyan/Black


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