Medium Civilian Station WIP


I realize you want to reuse elements to make it easier, however if you want another approach to the lower flight deck, you can look at the Candar space station for inspiration. It's flight deck was circular, at the bottom-most level of the station. I believe this is what you flew out of at the beginning of Wing Commander 2.

Howard Day

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Cam: Yeah, I was originally going to use something like the Candar's dock for the docks on the smaller stations - the only problem, is that the basic concept is huge - there's really no way to shrink it down sufficently to look like a small backwater staiton. Now, if we're dealing with stations that are not backwaters, and are in fact fairly large , then I'd love to do the Candar style bay for those.
Allrighty - finished the last module for a while - the habitat ring. This is designed to partially mimic the supply depot from WC2. Without all the green, obviously. So feedback is appreciated, but I can't guarantee when any feedback would be put into effect. Been lots of fun, guys! Now on to the space backgrounds, nav screen artwork, and menu stuff.


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Howard Day said:
Okay. I've had quite a crazy week - been getting home around 12am every day, and just spending a few hours every night on Pioneer. Since the time's been limited, I've worked on easier stuff, namely, explosions. I know I've spent a lot of time on these in the past, but I was still not satisfied with the way they looked. They just didn't have a feeling of scale. They just seemed...weak. Anyhow, I'm much happier with them now. <--This on I was still getting a hang of the system - some random bad things like the excess of purple, and the random floating-off volumetric bits. <- -Better

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Shere Khan

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I'm in awe :) in two weeks you've single-handedly accomplished what would've taken one pro modeller and one pro texture artist a month or more to do. in your spare time! impossible. hip-hip-hooray, you're a hero :)

as for the quality of the job, well, so far you've managed to make no artistic mistakes whatsoever. your cockpits are great, your exteriors are magnificent, and I can't wait to see more aspects of your game art (maybe in you'll yet make SOME mistake and give me a chance to contribute a valuable correction :)

thank you, and congrats.

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Chris: Sorry about that. There was some server rollback. Should work now, though!
Enjoy, and sorry for the mess-up!

Delance: Thanks.
Shere Kahn: Nope. I most certainly did not beat out that pro team - I just cheated and re-used as much as possible, probably more than I should have. Also, keep in mind that what I've been posting are the source textures. For the in-game stuff, they are reduced slightly, and thus less impressive. Let me give you an example...I'll go put it together.

Shere Khan

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don't deny it, you've done an incredible job :) "cheating and re-using as much as possible" only means eliminating need for another guy on the team: a lead artist or a project manager, imposing draconian limits to what can be done. I know that there isn't a lot of textures used. good! :)

so, in my opinion, this job is very efficiently made from game development point of view.

Howard Day

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Okay. Here's the difference - and there is one. The "Baked" Image is exactly how it will look in the game - it's using the standard pioneer type-shaders. (Diffuse,Glow, Bump, Ambient Occlusion,Spec) The "HighRes" Image is the base model with the crazy high-def textures, using tons of 3DSMax procedurals. As you can see the "Baked" version is much blurrier and isn't nearly as well-defined as the original. The original takes up around 220 Megs of texture memory - with image sizes of over 3000 pixels wide. The baked version takes up only 6 Megs of texture memory, and has texture sizes of 512 pixels wide maximum.
Hope that explains the workflow a bit!
Any thoughts on those explosions?

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Muwhahahaaa! Evil Reasons.
Basically, this is for the flight demo - we need to give the demo players something to fly around...where they can't land.
Thus, the station you see before you.


Really nice work. And I've gotta say I like the baked textures better as well. The specular glare/contrast seems to bring out the details better on the baked ones for some reason.
Anyway, keep it up, man. :)
I was wondering if these civ stations can be commissioned for use by say the landriech military? That wil be bound to happen in a backwater system during a major war, where military resources in a system are not sufficient to deal with the enemy threat.