McAuliffe era battleship class design WIP


With all these threads popping up about McAuliffe and Action Stations, I've decided to do something myself to fuel the fire. ;)

Here's what I'd imagine a 'battlewagon' class ship could look like: The design is based very much on the WC movie style's 'naval ships in space look', but I've tried to make it not as submarinelike as the Concordia class supercruiser, though I've borrowed many things from it.

The whole ships body has is shaped like a naval ships one, though there are a few hings to loosen up that theme such as those carved out areas on the sides of the ships body, and the keel is not as obvious as in the supercruiser class, where it dominated the design. Here, it's more of an addition rather than a central part of the model. The bridge, however, is based on a real naval ships bridge, though it's quite simplyfied. As stated in AS it has three forward plasma turrets, two on the upper bow and one on the central underside with a 360 degree FOV, and several missile turrets in the fron those edgy things(placeholders for missile turrets, I replace them if I decide to continue work on it. It'd get missile tubes on the sides for broadsides too.

So, what do you guys think?

Pretty slick looking, although I imagined the turrets would be a little smaller. It seems like those would have awfully slow turning rates (like real Battleship turrets). Beautiful model, though. :)
That's very close to what I imagined them to look like in my mind when reading AS.

Only thing that might be odd is that you have the engines very exposed (especially the top one) I'm not sure if you did it intentionally or for artistic purposes but only suggestion would be to tinker with it a little bit.

Otherwise, amazing job as always lynx...and please keep your interpretations coming...
Impressive ship sir. Out fitted with perhaps some smaller secondary batteries along the hull especially to guard the engines(I know this is just a model you did not have time for everything) and i think you have a hell of a warship. Excellent work thanks for taking the time to do it.

Just a side question did you use the Narn heavy crusier from b5 as a model for the engines?

The exposed engines definitely does look a bit too much of a design flaw to be a practical thing. Could the simply "embedded" engines of the Ranger/Concordia class be adapted in shape?
Rule 1: When designing a supercapital ship, always leave one glaringly obvious structural flaw that will lead to the destruction/disabling of the ship when it is targetted. :>
Far too early for the WC3-era timeline in WC Saga but I am kind of hoping that after they get their two campaigns done that they or other people will start making new games set in different time periods.

I would be really great to see this in a game like that.
Model is great. But - main gun? May be it look's like SC Concordia meson gun in Movie? If make it more "movie"? Concordia has a 4 dual canon turret. If you add one more triple canon turret after brige - the strenght is increas and you "Battleship" to be more firepower then "supercruiser" :)
A deal: If you add some part on you ship (hangar, flack position, medium laser artillery) i wont to include this ship like Confed "battleship" ore (if you wont to change it) Pilgrum main "battleship" in my mod fore nexus "WC 2634". Texture are optional.
Hmm...somehow I missed this thread when it was posted originally...very slick model Lynx. I like it a lot, definitely has a big powerful feel to it.
Hi all!

Very good work, I like it very much...
I´m writing a mod for the Game Freelancer for my Server Berlin2005. Perhaps someone knows the game. For this mod I´m looking for 3D-Models of Wing Commander Ships. I also asked zohorath (dont know if he´s the same person i asked) for his Dragon, which he gave me. Now it flies in the freelancer-universe. Also the Bearcat, Arrow, Hades Class Battleship...

Everyone who wants to see some screenshots klick here

But I need more. So i´m looking for more ships and especially STATIONS.
Have anyone finished 3D-Models with textures (not important) and wants to see it in a game flying?

Hope for some help

I´ve found some terran dreadnaughts. Take a look

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