Maybe Some Day

Well, I already replied to Death's post on this article...but yeah, I agree with you. Panhandling is not a right and needs to be taken care of. I hope the law passes. :)
Trust me, they can out-jerk you.

[impression type="Maniac in WC4"]Wait... that's not right...[/impression]
Be glad the event isn't being held in SF, where panhandlers are actually PAID $320 CASH per month just for being panhandlers, on top of all the other food and shelter benefits that they receive. That way they can eat without having to worry about it interfering with the really important things like booze, drugs, and cigarettes - all at taxpayer expense.
A hobo lawyer. And he could totally come into court in the big flappy shoes and tophat with the hole in the top and the clown makeup on.