Mass Effect 3


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So is anyone else as excited as me? I cant wait only downside is gotta wait till the 9th here in the UK
Hell, YES!!! I wait for my N7 Edition :) I try to ignore all the leaks about the story and the end ^^

What I was writing on the german Website Gamersglobal:

EA make a Mass Effect in the Wing Commander Universe!!! TAKE MY MONEY!!! :D
I didnt even play the demo as I didnt want any spoilers lol as if I need to play it to know ist going to be great!
Undecided. While I enjoyed the first two, I'm thinking of waiting to see what happens with all those copies Game/GameStation can't afford and see if I can find a good deal on one of those pre-order deals after release (If that makes sense).
Demo single player was pretty cheesy with the little kid bit.
Demo multiplayer was more fun than I expected, although I wish there was a Krogan Vanguard option.

1st two were incredible. Psyched about part 3.
I hope it has as much 'discovery' as the 1st two did (and not all action).

Can't wait for my pre-order. Didn't so much mind the kid. It was cheap, but it works. Makes more sense than there simply not being kids around or them being inexplicably immortal, especially given the setting. :)
My N7 edition shipped this morning. I can't tell from the tracker whether it's going to show up tomorrow or Wednesday... but I can't wait! Mass Effect really is the closest franchise to Wing Commander I've ever seen. One of my absolute favorites.
Well, my copy is waiting for me at the store - I get to pick it up tomorrow.

Edit: And I'm gonna try to see if I can a hold of the office 360 to go play some at lunch.
Glad to see so many WingNuts are fans aswell Im going to be playing it for month if masss effect 2 is any indiction!
I'm still playing Mass Effect 2. The downside of playing this late is that I forgot a lot of what happened in ME1, and the game keeps showing up the secondary characters that survived the 1st. As I finish ME2, I'll get 3 for sure.
I'm a big, big ME fan. Stood in line at GameStop for seven hours after work (forced to listen to Dubstep by some lame local DJ) to be first in line.


Came home, put in the DLCs at around 1 in the morning and went to bed.

The next morning I was *very* unhappy to find that ME3 forces you to redesign Shepard. It will not port your existing character designs from ME2. Last I checked, there was a 109 page complaint thread on the Bioware forum about this. It seems like a BS reason to get angry over a game - but the truth is that the series is BASED on you doing it as you would, and a big part of that is how you designed *your* character in the original game back in 2007.

Theres also some nitpicking problems that I dislike about with how little I've gone through on the Single Player - for instance, I'm getting way too many guns way too early in this game - but so far its enjoyable and the story seems to be going somewhere. The MP is outta sight if you have the right types of people to play with.
Got mine today! :p shop's pretty ridiculous with it's preorders, apparently. Won't play it until I finish my replay of the other two, though.

I'm getting way too many guns way too early in this game

I think the idea is to give you all the guns you had i previous games (me2?) early and let you play around with upgrades and such later.
Excited. I had to make a rule Im not allowed to buy it for a month so that I can "pre make it up"to my family for the amount of time they wont be able to interact with me. ok and so I can finish a painting commission because once I hit start, I will do NOTHING productive until it is finished. And I play games like that to absolute completion. No stone left unturned, no container left unpilfered. This is going to be a painful month until I finish that commission. Maybe I can get my 3 year old to cheer me "snipe'em in the head dad!" "slam him into the wall dad!" Little girls are so sweet. Does that count as quality time?