Looking for website options


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I'm thinking about putting together a website to help promote my books on Inkshares and basically give myself at least a modicum of web presence. I've looked at Wix and Squarespace, but I haven't had a website since Microsoft Frontpage was in it's first version, and I don't know if their setup will do what I want it to.
Primarily, I want to have a little bit of a blog tied to specific titles I've written, I've gotten two complete books and about a half dozen more planned. But what I really want to be able to do, if I can get my Battle Flag series to launch, is to create a searchable encyclopedia kind of like the CIC's wiki so that future authors can look up historical and character details for the series.
I'm not necessarily looking for free options, I just don't know what options are out there or what the costs are or if I need to know HTML to build the site.
I mean, back when I first started developing Battle Flag websites didn't even exist, yes I am that old.


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It seems like a public Facebook Page or Tumblr or something is what you want rather than a website. You're going to need a social media presence to market yourself anyway, so why not combine all that rather than try to use it to drive people elsewhere? A database/wiki on a site is going to be a pain that requires both money and technical skills, so you'd probably just want to use Wikia or something for that.


I would seconds facebook, at least in the beginning, as it is very easy to like and share things.