Looking Back at a Classy Destroyer (July 29, 2023)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
A few days ago, we shared Michael Pretli's slick take on the Midway class heavy carrier. It turns out that he's also built a Murphy destroyer! It's also quite a looker.

My second gem from 2010 I want to preserve here, also done in Truespace 5.x

My rebuild of the Murphy-Class Destroyer featured in the Wing Commander Prophecy games, though I added quite some additional greebles to it since the original model in the limit game engine from that time was rather undetailed. To give it a more offensive looking capability I added addtional torpedo tubes and a fixed bow weapon to it. The ship also features a small landing bay for shuttles and a few fighters.

Original update published on July 29, 2023
I love that the missile launchers are straight-up RAM Launchers. Just with a smaller capacity.
I know that the engine wasn't quite ready, I would have loved to see a murphy duke it out with an orca in a mission. Like that mission in wing 2 with Doomday where the hector takes on a fralthra.