LOAF checks in

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Yay for wasting 40 cents a minute at Kinkos to visit the CZ. Seeyall when I get back from D*C.
I dont have Internet access from my Pc so I always pay every time I visit this page cause Im in from an Internet Cafe. :) (And I spent lots of hours here).

That doesnt bother me
I got a new Pentium 4 at 2.5 GHz.I just dont want to have Internet access :)

Im all fashioned.:D
I don't think it was ever "all fashioned" to not want internet access at home.
So what if this guy takes the Exit before the Information Super Highway, maybe he prefers the unhardend rough road that is the unconnected PC:)
Originally posted by Dynaco
Not having internet access at home is also so 1996

What is not having a phone?

(I use the computers at the library. Its free!)
But you can just throw open the door and holler down to the neighbors: "Ethel! Are you coming by to pick chickens tonight?"